Energy, Economy and Environment Program is a technical training framework helping communities, manufacturers and manufacturing supply chains and thrive in today’s green economy. E3 is helping communities across the country reduce pollution and energy use while increasing profits and creating new job opportunities.
This programme will enable you to master the fundamentals of the science and technology of renewables in accessible terms to understand the risks and rewards for your business.
Attend this highly interactive course to:
  • Understand the differences between renewable and conventional sources of energy
  • Review our needs of energy for electricity, heat, transportation, cooling, manufacture, communications and comfort
  • Consider the wide range of current renewable supplies and developments
  • Appreciate the growth of world applications and trade in renewables
  • Know the key players in development and trade
  • Recognize and assess local needs and opportunities
  • Be aware of international-scale and national-scale policies to support renewable energy applications and products.
  • Participate in group discussion and exercises to broaden your awareness of industry challenges from other attendees
  • Gain confidence in knowing what is what and where for renewables
 Further detail will be announce soon.